Trail rides

We offer the possibility to make a trail ride with us all year round, at a beginning, intermediate or advanced level. We follow beautiful routes across the beach, through the dunes and through the forest. The trail rides take place in small groups of up to six people under supervision. Because of our small scale it is advisable to book in advance. Feel free to contact us for more information. Please contact us outside the opening hours via the contact form, text or Whatsapp. You will normally receive a response within 24 hours. During the opening hours it is better to call. For trail rides we have a weight limit of 90 kg. (198 pounds) for advanced riders and 85 kg. (187 pounds) for beginners or intermediate riders.

Please see here at which times our group trail rides go.

Group trail rides for beginners usually take one hour. Most of the trail ride will be walking, and depending on the group we will also do a little bit of trot. Adults or children with a minimum height of 1,60 meter (around 52,5 feet) who have no experience with horseback riding can join a beginners group. Children who are smaller can join when they already have some experience with horseback riding.  

Intermediate trail rides in a group usually take 1,5 hours. We will do a lot of trot, but no canter. Everyone who has a good balance in trot and can do rising trot well, can join an intermediate trail ride. Normally that is the case from around 1 year of experience. 

Advanced trail rides in a group usually take 1,5 hours. We will do a lot of trot, and on the beach we normally do long parts of canter. The canter can sometimes go pretty fast, but we do no gallop. Everyone who has a lot of experience with horseback riding can join an advanced trail ride. This means that you have a good balance in all gaits, and that you are well able to keep the horses behind each other. Experience in making trail rides is a plus. We are very careful with children. Sometimes we would first like to see how children ride in the riding arena before they join an advanced trail ride. 

In the months of July and August, every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. we make a 2-hour trail ride for intermediate or advanced riders.

In addition to the group trail rides, you also have the option to reserve a private trail ride. The trail ride is then fully adjusted to the level of the rider.

Riding lessons

We provide riding lessons for both children and adults.

During the holidays, riding lessons are given daily for children from 6 years. There are separate lessons for beginners and advanced riders. In beginners’ lessons children learn the principles of horseback riding in a playful way, such as steering, riding figures and trotting small distances. In the advanced lessons, galloping is also practiced and more attention is paid to the position of the rider on the horse. Here we find it important in the first place that children have fun. Lessons are given in groups of up to six children. You also have the option to let your child take private lessons.

For adults we also provide private riding lessons or lessons in small groups. We adapt these lessons to your level and your wishes. For example, think of mastering the principles of riding, overcoming fear or taking an extra step towards dressage.

During the opening hours the group lessons for children usually take place at 10:00 for advanced riders and at 16:00 for beginners. Private lessons for children and adults can be done by appointment between 11:00 and 16:00.

You can also book a lesson outside the opening hours. Please contact us in time if you would like to do that.

Horse riding course

Like to learn ánd enjoy? We offer short courses during the openings hours for adults and children from 12 years. Learn the basics of horse riding in 4 days, with 3 private lessons of half an hour (small package) or an hour (large package), followed by a one-and-a-half-hour beach ride. In principle it is a midweek arrangement where the lessons take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a beach ride on Thursday. Other days may be possible in consultation. Everything is aimed at gaining confidence, technique and especially pleasure in horse riding. This package can only be booked in the low season (1 September to 30 June). 

Rent a pony

For children of all ages you can rent a pony at our stable. This way you can make beautiful trips to the beach, through the dunes or through the forest. Usually you do not have to reserve. Would you like to rent several ponies? Then it is useful to contact us in advance.

Stabling and grazing

Would you like to take your horse with you on your holiday? We offer stabling and grazing, on both part livery and full livery. Our stable is ideally located on the equestrian route to the beach. You can also use our outdoor riding arena. Horses that are staying with us have their own piece of land at their disposal. You also have the possibility to rent a box.

We attach great value to the health of our horses. Because of that our horses have been inoculated and dewormed. We also demand this from our pension horses.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Pony afternoons

In the summer holidays (see the opening hours for dates) we organize fun pony afternoons on Tuesdays for children from 6 years old, where children spend an afternoon with the ponies in a playful way. There are a lot of fun activities, such as a covered wagon ride, ‘pimp my pony’, riding lessons, a horseshoe pitching game etc. Often we have a theme such as pirates, Indians or cowboy’s.