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If you have any questions about our Corona policy, please read the information about this on our homepage first.

During the holidays you can always find up to date information on our homepage about the days that we are already fully booked. Please read this information before you make a reservation! In July and August we take a break every day between 12:00 and 13:00. During this break we are not reachable by phone. Please send us a Whatsapp then!

*Please contact us outside the opening hours via the contact form or Whatsapp (you can just send a Whatsapp message via the landline). You will normally receive a response within 24 hours. During opening hours we are usually very busy, making it difficult to answer emails or Whatsapp messages quickly. Then the best thing to do is call.

If you are unexpectedly absent last minute, please give us a call!

Voicemail messages will not be handled.

Would you please mention the information below in your message?
– Number of people involved;
– Whether it concerns children or adults, and the age of any children;
– How much experience do the people have with horse riding;
– The length and weight of the persons concerned (maximal 90 kg. (198 pounds) for advanced riders and 85 kg. (187 pounds) for beginners or intermediate riders);
– Your mobile phone number.

Please see here at which times our group trail rides go.

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